Gemstone Healing Properties Glossary

Agatized Fossil Coral is a Root Chakra stone created by ancient corals. While forming, the coral are gradually replaced with agate. This process can take over 20 million years to occur. It is a grounding stone and is good for manifesting change. It is linked to the moon due to its connection with the ocean. It helps to remember past lives. Agatized Fossil Coral has a peaceful energy and dispels negative thoughts. It can help enhance communication with the deceased relatives as well as with other realms. Agatized Fossil Coral protects while traveling over water.
Amazonite is an stone of manifestation and helps to increase Universal Love.  It's a stone of prosperity and is considered a good luck stone for games of chance.  It's also said to increase business and helps to protect from unfair business practices.  Amazonite is both a Throat and Heart Chakra stone.  It's an ecxellent stone to assist in communication, especially within romantic couples.  In general, amazonite helps to see all sides of a situation, enabling one to understand the other's point of view.  Amazonite promotes self love and courage.  It helps to increase intuition and enhances creativity.  Amazonite is good for dispelling negative energy and also protects from microwaves, EMFs and environmental pollutants.  It soothes the emotions and calms the nervous system.
Amethyst is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra Stone, and increases psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.  It relieves stress, brings a sense of inner peace.  Amethyst combats anger and balances mood swings.  It wards off psychic attack and dispels negativity.  Amethyst helps with sleep issues as well as promotes lucid dreaming.
Ammonite Fossil - Ammonite are an extinct group of marine animals who lived 415 million years ago. Although they look like cousins of living Nautilus, they are in fact related to living octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish. Some ammonites have an opalized outer surface, which was not present in the fossil's lifetime. is a wonderful tool to assist you in times of rebirth and transformation. It resonates with the Root Chakra and the element of Earth, making them very grounding and protective stones.  Ammonite Fossil helps to stimulate "Chi", the Universal life force, and the Golden Mean Spiral is found within the growing walls of the Ammonite shell. The Golden Mean Spiral is symbolic of life’s unfolding mysteries and continuous evolution and can be found among the building blocks of many of the Universe's known creatures, plants and cosmos. The Ammonite spirals act like a filter to draw away all negative energies, making them extremely helpful for combating depression. Ammonite fossils are said to attract prosperity and success and are great for activating the Kundalini energies.   Ammonites are especially useful for past life recall and to contact spirit guides. 

Apatite is learning stone.  It helps you to focus and helps increase concentration.  It's also a Throat Chakra stone and is helpful for thinking clearly and communicating effectively. This stone is particularly good for public speaking.  Apatite stimulates our intuition and heightens our psychic abilities.  Apatite is a stone of manifestation and it helps to increase motivation.  It is also helpful to stimulate creativity.  It helps to balance the Yin and Yang energies and to raise the Kundalini energy.  Apatite is a very effective meditation stone.  

Apophyllite crystals form in natruial pyramid shapes and have a high vibration that increases positivity and energizes the spirit and body.  A Crown Chakra stone, they stimulate the pineal gland to assist in spiritual awakening. Their uplifting energy helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Apophyllite helps you to release negative thought patterns that may be holding you back. Their energy aids you to feel calm,  relaxed and happier within yourself.

Aqua Chalcedony is a throat chakra stone that assists with communication and enhances listening skills.  It's a great stone for public speaking as it improves memory and verbal dexterity.  Aqua Chalcedony enhances your ability to think on your feet.  It helps provide calmness during meditation and assists in making a connection with the spirit rhealm.  Aqua Chalcedony helps create balance between the body, mind and spirit. It helps to remove negative energy and protects from depression, dementia and obsessive thoughts.

Aquamarine is said to be connected to the spirit of the ocean. According to ancient lore, aquamarine was a mermaid's stone and sailors would carry it while traveling by sea for protection and good luck.  Today, aquamarine is still used to help protect while traveling by sea.  Aquamarine provides peace and tranquility and helps reduce stress.  A Throat Chakra Stone, it helps to speak from truth and encourages self expression.  It's considered to be the Stone of Courage.  Aquamarine helps to overcome judgment of others.   It's an extremely protective stone for pregnant women, protecting both mother and child.  Aqumarine assists in letting go and helps to gain closure.  It's a wonderful stone for meditation.  

Beer Quartz is a root chakra stone that helps connect with Mother Earth.  It helps to activate survival instincts and emits positive energy.  Beer Quartz is a stone of power and it protects against psychic attack.  It's a balancing stone that helps stabilize hormones and emotions.  Beer Quartz also helps improve hand eye coordination.  It helps maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Black Diamond has all the same properties as clear diamond but due to it's dark color, it is aso a highly protective stone.  It wards off negativity, psychic attack or negative thoughts from others. It's a very grounding stone and provides a peaceful and calming energy.  Black Diamonds help strengthen self esteem and increase love and positivity.

Black Kyanite can clear blocked energy in any chakra.  It's an excellent grounding stone for meditation and can be helpful in exploring past lives.  Black Kyanite is an energizing stone that calms the body.  It strengthens intuition and assists with dream recall.

Black Onyx is one of my favorite stones for Leo.  Leo's need something Earthy and grounding to balance all that fire.  Black Onyx is a stone of good luck and happiness.  It resonates with the Root Chakra and is a very grounding and protective stone. Black Onyx takes in and transforms negative energy and helps protect one's personal energy from being drained. Black Onyx is a stone of wisdom and promotes smart decision-making.  Black Onyx can help with self discipline and overal personal strength.

Black Opal possesses the healing properties of Opal but are more inspired by the energy of Neptune, therefore inspiring deep inward reflection and forcing the individual to be honest with themselves.   Black Opal helps to enhance cosmic awareness and leads one into a higher spiritual experience.  They, too, align all the Chakras but work best with the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  Black Opals heighten the intution and are particularly protective and guard the wearer against the evil eye.  Black Opal provides a shield to the wearer to keep from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts and energies.  Black Opal helps the wearer to change the negative situation into positive one and transforms negative moods into positive ones. 

Black Spinnel is a root chakra stone, very protective and grounding. It repels negativity and dissipates feelings of anger and resentment.  It helps to relieve depression. It’s helpful to move on from tragedy and loss. Black Spinnel is a detoxifying stone, and it finds the source of illness energetically and starts healing. It’s powerful against infection and disease. It helps to activate the kundalini energy and to balance the chakras. Black Spinnel is calming and reduces stress. It improves intellectual power and reduces forgetfulness. 

Black Star Sapphire is both protective and grounding and resonates with the root chakra. It heightens intuition and builds self confidence. It's the perfect stone for healers and empaths, as it allows them to do their work without taking on any of their patient's energies. It's especially effective to mediate with on a new moon, to help remove from your mind and life anything you wish not to carry forward in the next moon cycle.

Black Tourmaline is a talisman of protection.  It acts as a psychic mirror, deflecting negative energies and entities.  It protects against emotional vampires, a perfect stone for empaths.  It also guards against EMFs, radiation and pollutants.  Black Tourmaline helps to turn one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts into positive energy.  Black Tourmaline is both an Earth and Root Chakra stone.  Black tourmaline is a great stone to use for healing work as it realigns the chakras from crown to root.  Also known as "Schorl", it's an incredibly powerful stone of protection.  It wards off negative energy, psychic attacks, emotional vampires, curses, ghosts and ill wishes.  A great stone for empaths, it helps protect you from other peoples' energies and emotions so the empath doesn't take them on as their own.  Ancient magicians believed that Black Tourmaline would protect them from “earth demons” as they cast their spells.  Black Tourmaline balances the left and right brain hemispheres and helps turn negative thoughts into positive ones.  It also repels against electromagnetic energies from electronics and computers as well as radiation and pollution.  A very grounding stone, it eases anxiety and stress as well as alleviates panic attacks.  

Bloodstone has long been used for its coagulant effect and to treat blood disorders and detoxify the organs. Over 5000 years ago, the Mesopotamian warriors would carry it into battle to not only increase their chances of victory over their enemies but also to stop battle wounds from bleeding out. Today, bloodstone is said to stop a nose bleed immediately upon holding it to the nostril. Bloodstone is a stone good health and long life and is said to bring prosperity in business ventures and good luck in general. Bloodstone helps us to be present in the moment. It's a root chakra stone that inspires self confidence. It's said to be useful against bullies, both physical and emotional.

Blue Agate is a Throat Chakra stone, which assists in constructive communication, helping one to listen as well as speak their thoughts clearly and eloquently. It also connects with the Heart Chakra, opening one to empathy and seeing the other persons’s perspective. It is an excellent stone for both platonic and romantic relationships. It helps create deep connectivity and helps to builds trust. Blue Agate is calming, it relieves stress and helps one to relax. It lessens negativity and helps one to let go of past traumas that are holding one back in the present moment. Blue Agate helps one connect deeply within themselves to discover their true desires so they may find their true calling. It connects with higher realms, opening channels with spirit guides and the higher self to help with proper decision making. Blue Agate brings positivity and helps boost energy levels. It increases concentration, making it a good stone for studying.

Blue Chalcedony is a throat chakra stone, allowing one to fluidly and effectively speak their truth.  I improves memory and is especially helpful when learning new languages. It calms an over active mind, and is helpful in meditation.  Blue chalcedony brings a sense of lightheartedness to any situation, allowing one to assimilate to new ideas and move forward with a positive outlook.  Blue Chalcedony brings harmony to mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful stone to promote communication, allowing us to speak from truth. It provides a calming energy and alleviates nervousness. It brings the right words to help successfully express emotions or thoughts with out anger. It's said to help with thyroid issues. Blue Lace Agate provides inspiration and hope to the wearer.

Blue Topaz is a stone of love and good luck. It brings joy and good health. Blue Topaz will increase your communication skills, particularly when speaking and writing. Known as the Writers Stone, it helps you think more efficiently and assists you to concentrate and to be present while writing. Blue Topaz is very helpful for public speakers or anyone who has troubles with and fears of public speaking. It's both a Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone and will help to communicate with spirit and to effectively channel its message. It's a particularly excellent stone for psychics and intuitives. Blue Topaz aids problem solving and is particularly helpful to decide what life path to take and what type of career to undergo. It helps you to clearly communicate your desires, hopes and wishes to yourself and to others. It helps one see where they strayed from the truth of themselves and helps to get back to who they really are.

Blue Tourmaline, also called Indicolite Tourmaline, is a Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone.  It helps to communicate clearly and honestly, and helps to connect to the heart to communicate directly from it.  It helps to amplify psychic abilities and is really helpful to those who wish to become mediums or those who wish to open up to channeling. Blue Tourmaline is a stone of peace and promotes living in harmony with everyone.  It helps the wearer to have a more open mind and therefore more tolerance towards others' differences.  Blue Tourmaline I helps the wearer to release past traumas by bringing them to the surface for careful examination, processing and releasing.  Blue Tourmaline is particularly helpful to clear away past traumas or abuse that will never have justice or resolution.

Bronzite is known as a "stone of courtesy", allowing us to avoid judgment of others and emit a positive, friendly demeanor.  A grounding and protective stone, it repels and also sends back the negative energies to the sender.  Bronzite helps us to focus on and to find the best path to take, clearing confusions along the way.  It helps us make decisions and instills the courage to follow through with them.  Bronzite helps cultivate the courage to act on our thoughts and feelings. 

Carnelian is the ulitmate stone of creativity, inspiring action, motivation, ambition and drive.   It's a Sacral Chakra stone and promotes leadership, courage, individuality and sociability.  Carnelian boosts sexuality and fertility. It provides emotional warmth and helps create inner harmony.  Carnelian strengthens self esteem as well as boosts energy and helps one to make positive life choices. A stone of rebirth, it assists one to overcome negative conditioning and is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind.  It dissipates emotional negativity and replaces it with positivity.  Carnelian helps in trusting yourself, your intuition, or “gut feeling”.  It protects against envy and resentment as well as calms anger.   

Celestite works with the higher Chakras (Crown, 3rd Eye & Throat) and is considered to be the “teacher for the New Age".  It connects us to the Angelic realm and helps to tap into divine intuition.  Celestite creates mental calmness and clarity, as well as relieves stress, anxiety and obsessive behaviors.  It’s great for people with stage fright and for people who are afraid of crowds.   Celestite brings harmony, balance and peace.  It’s a perfect stone for Reiki masters and lightworkers.

Chalcedony is known as the "Brotherhood" stone as it promotes teamwork, good will, generosity, feelings of benevolence and nurturing.  It helps to create better communication and helps to speak your truth and feelings in a productive, positive manner.  Chalcedony creates openness and enthusiasm. It absorbs negative energy and dissipates negative thoughts, emotions and bad dreams.  Chalcedony helps bring the mind, body, emotions and spirit into balance and harmony.  It provides a boost of physical energy.  It increases mental abilities and helps to ease the effects of dementia and senility.  Chalcedony helps create inner peace and assists one to make positive changes in their life. 

Chrysoprase is both a heart and sacral chakra stone.  It manifests optimism, joy, and happiness as well as  promotes love, truth and hope.  It helps to move from the head and into the heart. Chrysophrase balances yin-yang energy as well as balances the hormones and emotions. Chrysoprase awakens and heals the inner child.  It inspires creativity and helps develop ones talents. Chrysophrase is excellent for deep meditation and helps one feel connected to the Universal energy.  Chrysophrase helps open up to truly forgiving and forgetting.  It can heal broken hearts, mend broken relationships and turn negative emotions into positive emotions. Chrysoprase brings a sense of security and trust and encourages commitment in personal and business relationships. It helps eliminate judgment of others and promotes acceptance of all.  Chrysophrase is a strong detoxifying stone, it is said to stimulate the liver to eliminate toxins.

Citrine is a stone of success, prosperity and personal power. It not only combats negative energy, but also is one of only 3 stones that emits its own positive energy. Citrine manifests success and abundance in all areas. It is particularly useful to promote success in business, especially if placed in the cash box. Citrine promotes generosity and sharing of one's success with others.

Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer",  it absorbs negative energy, as well as cleanses, releases and stores energy.  Clear Quartz amplifies energies and thought, and increases the energies of other stones.  A Crown Chakra Stone, it heightens the intuition.  Clear Quartz brings balance and harmony to all the Chakras.

Coral is a protective stone (well, technically, the skeleton of a marine animal). It's a Root Chakra stone and it protects by absorbing negative energy. Coral strengthens friendship and platonic love. A stone of optomism, Coral helps to find the beauty and joy in everything, even small and mundane things.  Coral is helpful during transformations.  Coral evokes passion and romantic love. It helps bring balance and peace to the emotions. Coral promotes creativity.  

Demantiod Garnet, in addition to the general healing properties of Garnet, is wonderful for working with the Heart Chakra due to its rich green color. It works to help remove any obstacles that come in the way of love. Demantoid Garnet is a great stone for married couples or couples who are seriously committed.  It is used to strengthen existing bonds and committment. The name "Demantoid" comes from Greek Origins, and roughly translates to "Similar to Diamond".  It is THE MOST rare and valuable of all the Garnets, which come in every color of the rainbow except for blue (yet...)  It is known for its highly lustrous surface, in fact, it's more lustrous than sapphire and ruby.  It has the highest dispersion of all the gemstones besides diamond  Dispersion refers to the "fire" or interenal light glowing from a stone.

Diamond is said to mirror human enrgy more than any other stone. That's why it's so important to me to exclusively offer conflict free diamonds. Diamond will amplify thoughts and feelings, and increase the positivity of the wearer's energy field, which in turn attracts positive opportunities and positive people. It's important to avoid negative thoughts while wearing diamonds. They are a stone of courage, and a master healer of the mind and body. Diamonds counteract jealousy and symbolize wisdom and enlightenment. They create a sense of positive self value and are great stones for anyone going through an identity crisis. Like clear quartz, diamonds amplify the properties of other stones.

Double Terminated Quartz are powerful healing stones. They take in energy, cleanse and magnify it, then emit back the energy from both ends at the same time. As it's an amplifier of energy, Double Terminated Quartz is an excellent stone to hold intentions and to help manifest desires and dreams. This is a wonderful stone to cleanse and balance the chakras. Use Double Terminated Quartz as a bridge between any two things, for example, to mend a friendship, or to align two chakras. Double Terminated Quartz work with all chakras but are especially potent for use on the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. They make wonderful tools for meditation, visualization, enhancing psychic abilities and lucid dreaming. heightens intuition and strengthens clairvoyance. It helps to ease anxiety and nerves, as well as reducing racing and negative thoughts. It assists us through all transitions, but is particularly helpful with transitions that are positive for us. Labradorite helps serendipitous situations, coincidences and synchronicity to flow in to your life. Labradorite has a soothing and calming energy.

Druzy Quartz is known to have a relaxing effect when worn.  All the tiny little crystals each vibrate independently, making druzy quartz a very high vibrational stone.  It's great to wear druzy when you are feeling stressed as it calms the mind and brings positive energy to the wearer.  It can also assist in mediation as it helps to calm both the body and mind.

Dumortierite is a Crown and Third Eye Chakra stone that helps you develop your psychic abilities and increase your intuition.  It’s the perfect stone for those who channel Source through Tarot or other means to interpret the information they are receiving from channeling more accurately.  Dumortierite helps you to take back control of your life and to stand up for yourself.  Dumortierite strengthens the mind and enhances mental skills, especially in the area of language and mathematics. 

Emerald is a stone of true love and loyalty. It promotes forgiveness and understanding, friendship and faithfulness. Emeralds also strengthen intuition and clairvoyance. Emerald brings emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

Feldspar increases intuition and is a helpful for meditation and for Astral travel.  It's associated with the moon and is helpful with evoking the devine femine from within as well as with menstration and sexuality.  Feldspar assists in self value, self love, self esteem and self awareness.  It helps women to value themselves for themselves and not just as an extension of their partner or family.  Feldspar is a stone of creativity and it helps us to create out of the box solutions to problems.

Ferruginous Quartz, a variety of Hematite Quartz, is a very grounding and protective Root Chakra stone. It is the combination of both Hematite and Clear Quartz, which gives the crystal a dark watermelon pink to red coloration. Ferruginous Quartz heightens self confidence, will power and self-esteem. It’s especially good for women who lack self esteem and courage. It’s soothing energy calms anxiety and helps with panic attacks. Ferruginous Quartz restores balance when feeling emotionally scattered. This crystal helps you to reach your highest potential possible. Ferruginous Quartz has the energy amplification properties of Quartz with the grounding and balancing properties of Hematite.  This combination balances the mind, body and spirit. Ferruginous Quartz helps balance the emotions and transmutes negative energy into positive energy. It helps one to recognize when they are having an unconscious reaction vs a healthy emotional response. Ferruginous Quartz is an excellent stone for the mind. It enhances memory, evokes deep thoughts and thought processes, stimulates the mind and helps one to develop logical thought processes and patterns. It enhances focus and concentration and is helpful for those with short attention spans.

Fire Opal is a Solar Plexus Chakra stone and enhances personal power and self confidence.  It's not only a power stone, but also a stone of positivity and good luck.  It actively "lights our inner fire" to face our fears head on and become the best versions of ourselves.  Fire Opal is an excellent stone for success in business and draws money to the wearer.  Fire Opal magnifies our feelings and helps us to let go of our pasts by releasing deep, negative emotions once and for all.  Fire Opal releases anything blocking creativity. It's an excellent stone to assist with new beginnings.  It helps to overcome and heal from sexual and domestic abuse, and assists the wearer to leave abusive relationships.

Fossils are Root Chakra stones, making them very grounding, calming and soothing. Fossils help to reduce anxiety and stress and help to balance the emotions and combat depression. Fossils assist in accessing past life information.  They bring success in business and self confidence in general.

Garnet is a stone of personal power and self esteem. It's a very grounding Root Chakra stone. This deep dark red stone holds a flash and fire, which is said to stimulate survival instincts, courage and willpower. Garnet's inner fire is also said to bring light, alleviating depression and bringing joy. Garnets help control anger, especially toward oneself. A stone of passion, sexuality and sensuality, Garnet activates the kundalini energies in a controlled manner. A stone of commitment, it inspires love and loyalty. Garnets are said to bring success in business.

Girasol Quartz is a high vibrational stone that activates the Pineal gland, primarily a Crown Chakra stone, it balances all the Chakras.  It’s name derives from the Italian word “girasole” which means “turn towards the sun” and it’s said to harness the energy of the sun.  Girasol Quartz, receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy.  It balances emotions and increases control over impulsive behavior as well as dispels negative energy in one’s energy field.  Girasol Quartz assist you to clearly analyze things and to not make quick or rash Girasol Quartz enhances creativity in art and business.

Green Quartz is Clear Quartz with inclusions of chromium or chlorite. It's a Heart Chakra gemstone that opens one up to universal love, forgiveness and empathy.  It's especially helpful for those who are overly selfish or controlling.   Green Quartz helps to transmute negative energies into positive energies.  It absorbs all negative energy, including radiation and electromagnetic energy.  Green Quartz helps one to retain emotional balance and helps release past traumas and woulds held in cellular memory.  It helps balance, stabilize and heal the emotions.  Green Quartz is a stone of abundance and attracts prosperity and success.  It helps to stimulate creativity and increases intuition.  Green Quartz is a great stone to assist meditation and spiritual communication.  It can help reveal unknown deep desires during meditation.  It protects the aura and helps balance the chakras.  Green Quartz promotes working as a team, using tactful honesty and open clear communication to achieve goals.  It's a great stone to aid in times of transition.  Green Quartz aids concentration, helps to retain information and boosts clear thinking.  It can even help recall long forgotten memories.

Green Aventurine encourages regeneration of the heart, opening us up to love again. It's a stone of prosperity and creativity. Green Aventurine generates feelings of well-being and promotes compassion and empathy. Green Aventurine also calms anger and irritation. It stabilizes the state of mind, helping to see all possibilities and make educated decisions. Green Aventurine balances male-female energy.

Green Chrome Diopside is a heart chakra stone, and has earned the nickname, the "Crying Stone" as it promotes healing through tears.  Discovered in 1988 in Russia, this gorgeous green stone is said to directly connect to the heartbeat of planet Earth, Gia.  It's a very empowering stone for anyone who has a strong interest in the well being of the planet. It assists with memory retention and is excellent for students.  It aides writers to maintain their creativity and to write concisely while still meeting deadlines.  Green Diopside increases compassion and forgiveness, allowing us to put ourselves in others' shoes and open up to their suffering. Green Diopside lessons headaches, regulates blood flow and is great for heart attacks and other heart issues. It's great for healing after surgery as well.  Cleanse Green Diopside by smudging with sage, palo santo or sweet grasses.  

Green Fluorite harmonizes and recharges the chakras, as well as cleanses and stabilizes the aura. It helps release emotional trauma and absorbs and dissolves negative energy and stress. Green Fluorite is a great stone for learning as it increases our powers of concentration. A happy stone, Green Fluorite brings positive energy to the wearer.

Green Serpentine resonates with the heart chakra and is an all around stone of love, most especially self love.  It helps balance emotions and helps us to trust our own judgement in situations where we are challenged with conflicting information.  It brings balance to the chakras by stimulating the kundalini energies to restore balance.

Green Tourmaline is said to bring happiness and joy and promotes happiness and positive transformation and prosperity.  A Heart Chakra stone, it's the best stone for healing the physical heart. It provides a sense of peace and calm to the wearer. Green Tourmaline stimulates creativity and brings success in business. Green Tourmaline is an earth energy stone. It will connect you to Mother Earth and her vibration and is helpful for earth healing. It helps one to understand the flow of energy between the mineral and plant kingdoms. Green Tourmaline can be placed in soil to help plants grow.

Green Tourmilated Quartz  is actually tiny shards of Green Tourmaline growing inside Clear Quartz. Green Tourmaline is said to bring happiness and joy. A Heart Chakra stone, it's the best stone for healing the physical heart. Green Tourmaline Stimulates creativity and brings success in business. Clear Quartz is the Master Healing stone and it amplifies the properties of any other stones it's paired with.

Green Tremolite is a somewhat newly discovered, high vibrational stone from Tanzania. It works with the Crown Chakras, Soul Star and other upper Chakras. If you are seeking to expand spiritually, this stone helps generate and create awareness of peace and synchronization Green Tremolite will assist you in accessing ancient spiritual information. It will help expansion of consciousnesses and developing spiritual trust. Green Tremolite helps one to live in the moment and trust in the "Universal Plan", facing any diversities with calmness and acceptance.

Grey Moonstone is referred to as the "New Moon Stone" as it mimics the powers of the new moon, which represent new beginnings and potential.  It's a tremendously powerful stone for inner growth, self awareness and strength.  Grey Moonstone is a very personal stone. Meditating with grey moonstone allows one to better understand themselves.  It allows us to distinguish what "is" from any other false realities or hopes.  A Third Eye chakra stone, Grey Moonstone enhances intuition and is a great tool for shamans and mediums to use to look into the future.  Moonstone is considered a good luck stone.  It promotes inspiration and brings good fortune in love and business.  Moonstone in general is a wonderful stone for women as it helps to balance the emotions and protects those with sensitive natures.  It helps women to become in tune with the rhythms of the moon.

Hematite is also a Root Chakra stone and has a very calm and grounding effect. It strengthens our connection with Mother Earth and is very helpful to ground oneself for meditation. Hematite inspires courage, enhances willpower and promotes self esteem. Hematite enhances memory and original thought. It dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others. Hematite helps to overcome compulsions and addictions and other forms of overindulgence.

Herkimer Diamonds are not actually diamonds, but rather clear quartz crystals that grow with a double termination. They are the hardest and most powerful of all the quartz crystals. Herkimer Quartz resonate with the crown chakra. They are powerful all around healing and cleansing stones. They manifest pure Light and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. They behave as conduits of the universal Life Force, making them exceptional healing crystals. Herkimer Diamonds are extremely useful tools for meditation.

Hypersthene is a Root Chakra stone and is extremely grounding.  It helps to lessen anxiety and stress. It's name is derived from the Greek words, “hyper”, meaning 'above' and “stenos”, meaning 'power'. This refers to hypersthene's ability to help one see clearly what is right and guides us to stand up for our beliefs. It's an excellent stone for problem solving. Hypersthene assists one to have better judgement in all areas of life. Hypersthene is an excellent stone for meditation as it heightens intuition and promotes universal awareness. It also assists in healthy expression of emotions.

Imperial Topaz is a root, sacral, solar plexus and crown chakra stone.  It boosts confidence and self worth without inflating the ego.  Imperial Topaz is a stone of creativity and intention, assisting one in manifesting their dreams and desires.  Imperial Topaz can help bring love to its wearer.  It protects from jealously, negative magic and disease.  It calms emotions, enhances relaxation and brings feelings of peace. Imperial Topaz also protects against nightmares.  It helps to increase intuition and is helpful while meditating to connect to the Ascended Masters and Archangels.  

Iolite is a Third Eye Chakra stone and is one of the best tools to use for psychic and spiritual work.  It's useful to open up to or increase intuition.  It helps one to connect to their soul, their inner self, and understand one's purpose and path in this life.   Iolite has a gentle energy that creates joy and laughter  It helps one to find creative solutions to problems, allowing one to think outside of the box.  Iolite assists us in taking responsibility for our own actions and behaviors.  

Kambaba Jasper is actually Fossilised Stromatolite Algae, the oldest known fossil to man.  A heart chakra stone, kambaba jasper is a stone of tranquility, encouraging feelings of peace.  It increases ones self worth and balances the yin and yang.  It enhances wisdom and boosts the immune system.  Jaspers are supreme nurturers and kambaba jasper is a powerful maternity stone, promoting fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

Kunzite is a highly vibrational spiritual crystal and it works with the higher chakras, connecting the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  This makes it an exceptional stone for meditation.  It is especially great for letting go of past traumas, giving the heart space to heal and open up to love again. Kunzite also promotes self love, making Kunzite one of the most powerful stones to heal a broken heart.  Kunizite will bring love, prosperity and good fortune into your life. Kunizite balances the emotions and is really helpful for anxiety and stress, providing a peacefull and calming vibrational energy.  It's also helpful to dispell depression and negative energy.  It will clear a room of negative energy.  Kunzite can help induce change and assist in moments of rebirth and transition. 

Labradorite heightens intuition and strengthens clairvoyance. It helps to ease anxiety and nerves, as well as reducing racing and negative thoughts. It assists us through all transitions, but is particularly helpful with transitions that are positive for us. Labradorite helps serendipitous situations, coincidences and synchronicity to flow in to your life.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth and wisdom. It resonates with the vibration of enlightenment, and is a powerful stone for opening the third eye and stimulating the pineal gland. It assists us to strengthen our intuition and psychic abilities. Lapis Lazuli helps us to discover our own personal inner truths, and increases self awareness and self expression. It assists us in speaking the truth. Lapis Lazuli is also a good stone for strengthening the memory. It resonates with both the third eye and throat chakras.

Lava Rock is very grounding and wonderful for calming the emotions. Since it's born of fiery lava bubbling up from the Earth's core, it has both a calming and intense energy. It’s a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.

Lemon Chrysoprase is known as a stone of joy.  A heart chakra stone, it helps bring harmony to relationships and lessens stress. Lemon chrysoprase also acts as a shield from negative energy  It promotes one to think outside of the box.

Lepidolite has an extremely calm and soothing energy.  It helps ease feelings of anxiety and depression.  It's name traces back to the Greek word 'lepidos', which means "scale".   It's aptly named as Lepidolite helps to balance the emotions.   It's strongly associated with the Crown Chakras but also resonates with the Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakras.  Lepidolite helps to promote dream recall and increases intuition.  Lepidolite is an exceptional stone for transitions.  It's especially helpful to see and release old patterns that are holding one back, allowing for growth and rebirth.

Lumerian Crystal teaches us that we are all one, we are all cosmically connected. A great stone for light workers, Lemurian Crystal is an ideal tool for self healing. Lemurian Crystal helps solve problems that are deeply rooted in the past. It's an ideal stone to use when doing self work and during times of self reflection. Lumerian Crystal clears the chakras and removes energy blockages. These crystals are said to contain information from the ancient lost city of Lemuria, an advanced society similar to Atlantis. The Lemurians were said to be a spiritually advanced and very peaceful society. They used crystals for their healing abilities and legend says they implanted the seeds of this cosmic oneness and the secrets of their peaceful society inside the crystals.

Mahogany Obsidian is a stone of strength, its gentle energy grounds and protects its owner.  Mahogany obsidian is a stone of inner reflection.  It helps with decision making, and is said to relieve tension.  While mahogany obsidian is a grounding stone, it also has a fiery element that helps build up the strength to stick up for our selves when challenged by others.  Mahogany Obsidian is a Root and Sacral Chakra gemstone.  It's a very grounding and protective stone, especially against psychic attack or energy vampirism.  Mahogany Obsidian is useful for etheric cord cutting, especially from people who steal energy or disrespect energetic boundaries.  It is a stone of strength and helps reclaim one's personal power.  Mahogany Obsidian helps to release negative patterns and energies.  It unblocks creative energies and relieves tension.  Mahogany Obsidian is a stone of focus, and helps in the decision making process. 

Malachite is a stone of transformation and helpful when breaking old patterns. A very calming stone, it resonates with the heart and throat chakras. It inspires unconditional love and loyalty. Malachite inspires risk taking and promotes leadership. A very protective stone, it absorbs environmental pollutants and negative energy.

Meteorite are treasures from outer space.  This particulate kind of meteorite is made of roughly 90% iron and 10% nickel, the same materials found in the Earth's core. These stones come from comets, asteroids and other planets that have made it through Earth's atmosphere.  This meteorite comes from Argentina, from the Campo del Cielo crash site.  Iron nickel based meteorites resonate with the Third Eye, Crown and Root Chakras, assisting in spiritual growth and Inner vision, connecting us with the Cosmic Oneness. The electrical energy of iron nickel based meteorites stimulates the kundalini, and sends energy from the Crown through the Root.  This gives it a very grounding effect, while stabilizing and balancing the emotions.  Iron meteorites are good for healing blood disorders of any kind and help with reducing stress.  They're a very high vibrational stone and facilitate spiritual awakening and communication with other worlds and spirit realms. They're an excellent stone for meditation.  Iron nickel meteorite help to overcome addictions or bad habits and help with easing through times of transformation.

Mexican Laguna Agate is known as one of the most highly praised banded agates due to it's precise red, orange, brown and white coloration. From Chihuahua, Mexico, it's a Sacral Chakra stone that stimulates creativity and inspires a fiery passion for life. Mexican Laguna Agate is boosts self confidence and taking the initiative. Mexican Lanuna Agate is an excellent stone for anyone starting one’s own business.

Moss Agate is a heart chakra stone, and an excellent stone to wear during times of rebirth.  It's perfect for new beginnings and helps restore and build trust. Known as the "Gardener's Stone", planting one in soil helps plants to grow healther and faster.  Moss agate is said to bring general abundance, success, and prosperity. A grounding stone, it helps overcome addictions.  Moss Agate brings new friendships with like minded people.  

Onyx is a Root Chakra stone and is very grounding.  It's said to be helpful for those who have a hard time staying focused.  Onyx helps soothe and bring balance to the emotions. It reduces feelings of guilt and other negative emotions.  Onyx helps lesson feelings of physical pain, and is helpful during childbirth.  It helps increase intuition and promotes wise decision making.  Onyx promotes strength and self control.  Onyx helps to motiate and energize and is helpful for those who suffer from exhaustion or lack of energy.

Opal in genreal is a stone of Inspiration, it ignites our inner fire and stimulates creativity.  A Heart and Crown Chakra stone, opal inspires hope and love and well as heightens the Intuition.  Opals, due to their rainbow flashes of color, actually balance all the chakras, connecting the lower with the higher chakras.  Because they are so porous, they take in negative energy and transmute it to positive evergy, making Opal a wonderful stone to combat depression.  Opal assists in times of transformation and rebirth and helps to better handle all of life's changes.  Opal is particularly helpful with changes that are good for the wearer.  Opal is a symbol of innocence and purity.  Opal helps to increase memory as well as enhances self esteem and self worth.  Opal has a strong soothing energy.  Despite historical rumors that opals are bad luck, they are in fact, one of the best stones to promote good luck!  Due to their connection to water, Opals are linked to the Moon's energies and are a wonderful stone to soothe emotions, especially for water signs.

Orange Aventurine is known to be good luck.  It assists us to manifest new possibilities. A great stone for meditation, it helps to quiet mind chatter, especially judgmental thoughts. Orange Aventurine is great for instilling confidence and self-worth. Orange Aventurine is a powerful stone for creativity.

Peach Moonstone is a wonderful stone for self healing and self love.  It's a heart chakra stone and gently opens one up to compassion, empathy and forgiveness during times of heartbreak.  It's the perfect stone for new beginnings of all kinds and it evokes strength and personal growth.  It's moon and watery origins give it the ability to stabilize and calm the emotions.  It's helpful with the female reproductive system, PMS, healthy pregnancy and childbirth.   Peach Moonstone also assists with digestion problems.  It helps with stress, constant worry and anxiety.  Peach Moonstone lifts one's vibrations and reminds one of their self value.  It increases intuition and opens one up to their femine side.  It's an excellent stone for men to help open up to their emotions.

Peacock Ore has been called the Chakra Stone because it aligns, balances and cleanses all the Chakras.  It helps move Chi and breaks up energy blockages.  Once in alignment, Peacock Ore will then align your physical body with your Spiritual and Ethereal bodies.  It’s a stone of rebirth and is useful in times of transformation.  This makes it an excellent tool to use in Reiki and other types of energy work.  Peacock Ore promotes happiness and helps us to appreciate the simple joys of every moment and to be fully present.  Peacock Ore helps us to understand and trust that everything in each moment is exactly as it should be.

Pearl symbolize innocence, faith and purity.   They resonate with the sakral and heart chakras.  Pearls are known as the "Stone of Sincerity", as they are a symbolic of truth and personal integrity.  Pearls promote a happy marriage and family tradition. Pearls resonate with both the heart and sacral chakras.  They're wonderful tools to regulate female reproductive organs and combat the symptoms of PMS as they naturally connect our bodies with the rhythms of the tides and moon.  They help one to realize their true nature and to love themselves more.  They help bring happiness and uplift moods.

Pecos Valley Diamond is a Sacral Chakra stone and increases creativity and initiation of creative ideas and endeavors.  It also stabilizes the emotions and provides a sense of peace and tranquility.  Pecos Valley Diamonds help to increase sexuality and romance.  Pecos Valley Diamond help maintain joyful thoughts.  It comes from an area close to Roswell, NM, where I bought the stones at a crystal store across from the Alien Museum.

Peridot is a high vibrational Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra gemstone that has a calm, friendly, comforting and positive energy. It's said to be a powerful cleansing and healing stone. It alleviates anger, jealousy, resentment, stress, guilt and other negative emotions that build up and create emotional toxins in our bodies. Peridot helps to keep the Chakras in alignment and is especially useful to carry with you after having any type of energy work done. Peridot is protective and helps those going through traumatic emotional experiences. Peridot is said to attract wealth and money, especially if kept in ones home. It's a good stone for manifestation of ones desires. Peridot helps increase self esteem and personal power. It aids in taking responsibility for ones own actions. 

Pink Chalcedony is an extremely nurturing stone.  It's a stone of optimism and joy and promotes good will and kindness.  Pink chalcedony brings mind, body and spirint into alignment.  It helps to gain inner peace and inspires empathy  Pink Chalcedony promotes self love.  It absorbs negative energy and dissipates it, making it a great stone to combat depression.  It's an ideal stone for new mothers to help with post partom depression. Pink Chalcedony boosts the immune system.

Pink Coral, in addition to the properties of Coral written above, in particular is helpful for women in maintaining a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, protecting both mother and child. 

Pink Tourmaline is a Heart and Crown Chakra Stone which encourages empathy and compassion.  It unites the heart with the spiritual.  It releases stress, depression and anxiety.  It has a calming and joyful energy.  Pink Tourmaline empowers your feminie aspect and balances it with your masculine aspect.  This balance creates stability and peace and enables one to reach their fullest potential.

Prasiolite resonates with the heart chakra, and is excellent for promoting self love self awareness.   It's a stone of hope.  Prasiolite is an amplifier of energy and will enhance one’s feelings and thoughts.  It also enhances the properties of other stones near it. This stone helps with self expression, inspires originality and promotes showing your true self to the world.  Prasiolite increases courage and self esteem.  It helps one to better express their emotions and to speak up for themselves.  Prasiolite helps increase your spirituality and connection to your higher self.  Prasiolite helps increase creativity and imagination and encourages us to think outside of the box when problem solving and creating new ideas.

Peruvian Opal is a Throat Chakra stone.  It only comes from and area in the Andes Mountains near San Patricio, Peru.  It has a soothing and calming energy that clears away tension and reduces racing thoughts.  Peruvian Opal brings a sense of peace and tranquility.  It protects one from taking on the stress of others.  It helps to relax and promotes deep and restful sleep.   Peruvian Opal balances the emotions, and is especially helpful to heal old emotional wounds.  It helps improve communication by assisting one to speak about feelings without fear.  Peruvian Opal helps get important things out in the open.  It brings great self awareness and amplifies character traits, both good and bad.  Peruvian Opal helps to connect to one’s true nature so they can see who they really are and what they need to be happy in life.  It also provides the confidence to go after one’s dreams.  Peruvian Opal helps one to reach their financial goals.  It helps one to see their negative traits so they can transmute them into more positive traits.  Peruvian Opal brings confidence and self love.  It strengthens the memory and helps new ideas to form and helps with problem solving.  Peruvian Opal increases creativity and individuality.  It brings a light hearted energy to every day life and attracts positive energy to you. 

Purple Fluorite is a Crown Chakra stone that promotes Universal consciousness and increases intuition.  Purple Fluorite helps to create spiritual balance by connecting both the rational and intuitive mind.  It helps to strengthen the intellect and help one to concentrate while learning.  Purple Fluorite helps to maintain positivity and dispells negative energy. 

Pyrite is a stone of positive thinking and manifestation. It encourages us to overcome feelings of inadequacy and it also boosts our energy levels. Pyrite strengthens our willpower, and assists us to overcome bad habits. It's energy brings good luck to business. A stone of personal power, it resonates with the solar plexus chakra.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It helps one maintain calm during times of transformation. It stabilizes the emotions and provides a calming, soothing energy. A crown chakra stone, it heightens intuition and psychic abilities. Strongly connected to the moon, it's a very powerful stone for women in particular.

Rose Quartz is THE stone for love of all kinds.  It attracts romantic love, enhances self love and platonic love.  It is the stone of unconditional love.  It can also help create a closer bond with your partner, family and friends.  A Heart Chakra stone, it works to open the heart to trust, hope, forgiveness and harmony.  Physically, it helps to lower blood pressure.  Rose Quartz combats jealousy, anger and resentment for others.  It also promotes forgiveness and empathy.  Rose Quartz has a calm and soothing energy and is the best stone to help heal a broken heart.  It is also useful for all types of emotional healing.  Rose Quartz can also help to relieve headaches when placed upon the Third Eye.  Rose Quartz assists us in accepting that change is necessary and to help us love ourselves while going through transitions.

Ruby is known as the Stone of Nobility as it promotes power and leadership as we ll as aids in obtaining wealth.  Ruby is said to help stabalize finances.  A Root Chakra stone, Ruby inspires courage and confidence as well as self esteem.  It ignites passion  and enthusiasm.  Ruby promotes prosperity and joy.  It also inspires romance and is said to promote integrity and devotion to ones partner.  Ruby elleviates guilt and feelings of sadness.  Ruby helps increase intuition, promotes lucid dreaming and protects from nightmares. 

Sacred Seven Crystal comes from the Espiritu Santo region of Brazil, and contains within it seven different minerals: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Clear Quartz, Lepidocrosite, Smokey Quartz and Rutile. The 7 different gemstones cause multiple colors to occur in one crystal. The tip of the stone is clear, the middle is a smoky deep purple/grey/brown white the top is burnt sienna. It's known as a stone of Universal Humanity, strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, something this world desperately needs right now. Sacred Seven Crystal never needs cleansing. It connects us with the spirit realm while simultaneously grounding is in the physical realm. A 3rd Eye stone, it awakens psychic abilities and clairvoyance. It's element is Wind, and it's an excellent stone for light workers.

Sapphire is a stone of prosperity, attracts joy, wealth and luck. It is useful in combatting depression and provides positive energy and hope. It's also known as a stone of wisdom, promoting a balance of power and strength mixed with wisdom and fairness. Blue sapphire resonates with the throat and 3rd eye chakras, promotes dreaming and heightens intuition. It assists in spiritual growth and helps one to speak their truth. A stone of purity and love, blue sapphire promotes faithfulness in relationships.

Shiva Lingham is a stone if manifestation.  It balances the yin and yang and resonates with all the chakras and all five elements.  Shiva Lingham stimulates the kundalini energy.  It comes from the Narmado River in India, a very sacred river to its people, who hand polish the stones.

Shungite really is a remarkably magical stone!  Shungite is a Root Chakra stone, very grounding and protective.  It helps to calm and ease anxiety as well as bring a positive energy to its wearer.  It has the ability to conduct electric energy, which is why its so useful in protecting us against EMFs (harmful electromagnetic frequencies) and electromagnetic radiation from computers, cell phoes, microwaves and other elecronics.  Shungite is known as the "Life Stone" due to it's miraculous healing abilities.   It contains fullerenese, powerful anti-oxidants that fight free radicals, healing the immune system and reducing the risk of cancer and a laundry list of other ailments including, arthritis, insomnia, headaches, liver and kidney disease and more.   It is one of the only naturally occuring sunbstances to contain fullerenese and has been used for its healing properties for a very long time.  The fullerenese are what give Shungite the ability to cleanse impurities from water.  It is used in many water filtration systems today, it's that black carbon looking stuff you find inside your water filter.

Smoky Lemon Quartz is both a Root and Solar Plexus Chakra stone.  The Lemon Quartz evokes optomisim, empowerment and overall wellbeing.  The Smoky Quartrz dispells negative energy and is very grouning and centering. 

Smoky Quartz, A Root Chakra stone, it's very grounding and has a calming energy. It heightens intuition and is a wonderful stone for meditation. It increases survival instincts and self confidence. It helps to lighten moods, overcome negative emotions and combat depression. Smoky quartz not only relieves negative emotions like anger, jealousy and fear, but also and transforms them into positive energies. Smoky Quartz is a very protective stone. It wards off both psychic and physical attack. It increases prosperity and good luck as well as boost creative energy.

Specular Hematite, also known as Specularite, is a type of Hematite that has mica "stars" shining brilliantly throughout the surface.  It's a higher vibrational stone compared to Hematite.  Specular Hematite is a root chakra stone, it's very protective and boosts self confidence.  It's not only grounding but also high energy at the same time.  Specular Hematite helps one to identify their unique talents and gifts.  It encourages one to follow their dreams and manifest what makes them truly happy.  Specular Hematite regulates the effects of EMFs from computers and electronic equipment.  It calms the mind and assists in brain functioning and memory retention.  Specular Hematite dissolves negativity of all forms, transmuting it to positive energy.  It balances yin yang energies and brings a feeling of inner peace.

Staurolite is a talisman of good luck. It protects us from negativity, accidents and disease.  A very grounding stone, it assists in ending destructive habits.  Staurolite stabilizes the emotions, and emits a protective energy, creating feelings of safety and security.

Sunstone is associated with the Sacral Chakra and is known as the Stone of Leadership. It increases confidence and personal power and helps bring mental clarity. It helps stabilize the emotions and inspires passion and romance. It's also known as a Stone of Freedom and encourages independence, originality and individuality. Sunstone is linked to the sun and embodies its warmth and light, bestowing joy and good luck to the wearer.

Smoky Quartz is one of the most grounding and cleansing stones.  It provides a shield against psychic attack.  Smoky Quartz also guards against theft and protects us while driving.

Tangerine Quartz is a Sacral Chakra Stone.  It enhances creativity, self esteem and courage.  Tangerine Quartz gets its orange color due to the presence of hematite and water during its creation.  This makes Tangerine Quartz a very grounding stone, providing emotional balance and stability.  Tangerine Quartz helps release self imposed limitations and self doubt.  A wonderful stone of empowerment and manifestation, Tangerine Quartz also helps to let go of past emotional issues.

Tanzanite, also known as Lavender Zoisite, is found only in one place in the world, Tanzania, Africa.  Unfortunately, it's becoming mined out and therefore more and more rare.  Tanzanite is a high vibrational stone, and primarily a Third Eye Chakra Stone.  It connects with the Heart and Throat Chakras as well and helps to facilitate communication between them. This open channel between these three higher chakras allows space for intense emotional healing. Tanzanite relieves stress and has a very harmonious energy. Tanzanite has playfully been referred to as a good stone for workaholics, as it will help the over extended wearer to slow down and take things at a more manageable and balanced pace. It combats depression and transmutes negative energy.  It's incredibly helpful for spiritual awakening to ones purpose.  

Tektites are "extraterrestrial" stones, as they are brought to earth from outer space. When a large meteorite enters the Earth's atmosphere, the outer layer melts.  When the meteorite impacts the ground, the outer layer scatters for miles and creates tektites.  The name of these alien stones comes from the Greek word 'tektos', meaning "molten". Tektites are considered a stone of good luck.  They're said to bring prosperity and also act as muses for creative types, bringing out new ideas.

Tigers Eye is a stone of courage and protection, helping us overcome our fears. Tiger's eye assists us with mind focus, thereby helping resolve problems efficiently and without emotion.  It helps lessen anxiety and releases tension. Tiger's Eye balances the yin-yang, helping to stabilize mood swings. Tiger's Eye is known to bring good luck. 

Titanium is known to balance the body’s electromagnetic energy. Our bodies are exposed to excessive electronic energy from the machinery we are surrounded with. This can create imbalances in our natural energy flow that adversely affect our nervous and muscular systems. Wearing titanium can help restore the body's natural electric wave rhythm.

Turquoise has a calming energy and it helps balance emotions.  Turquoise is known to be a master healing stone.  It increases wisdom and has long been used as a shaman's stone as it's said to connect to the psychic rhealms.  A Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone, turquoise also works to align all chakras as well.  Turquoise is a stone of protection and blocks out enviromental pollutants.  It's known as the "Safe Travels" stone and protects one on long journeys. Turquoise are good luck and are good stones for both friendship and romantic love.

Unakite is a form of Jasper and it’s one of the most healing crystals for the heart. It radiates love and compassion and assists in bringing balance and harmony to the emotional body. Unakite is both a Heart and Third Eye Chakra Stone that is very grounding. It helps to build strong, healthy and peaceful relationships. The energy of Unakite helps to uplift us when we’re down while also helping us to release deep rooted emotions in a gentle way. Unakite helps to motivate and activate our will and helps to stay persistent towards our goals. It helps to eliminate bad habits, bad thought patterns and bad life patterns by helping us identify and let go of our emotions and triggers that perpetuate the behavior. Unakite removes harmful toxins and energies from the system on a deep cellular level, and is a wonderful stone to carry with you while combating cancer or other diseases. Unakite is the perfect stone if you are feeling lost or overwhelmed. It helps bring the focus back to being in the moment. Unakite helps to motivate and bring forth action. Unakite helps to heighten intuition and helps with past life recall. Unakite helps to regulate the female reproductive system and facilitates healthy pregnancies.

Watermelon Tourmaline is the ultimate Heart Chakra stone as it has both its associated colors, pink and green.  A balancing stone, the pink represents feminie energy, the green represents masculine energy, the Yin and the Yang, as well as the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  Watermelon Tourmaline helps to overcome personal insecurities, calms emotions and aids in combatting depression.  It helps to mend emotional wounds by allowing the wearer to see the "Hawk's Perspective" and understand the bigger picture of the situation that has caused the pain.  It can help to overcome behaviors that are unhealthy and create solutions that are more positive and will lead to a better life.  Watermelon Tourmaline is said to awaken or attract love. Watermelon Tourmaline increases creativity.  Due to it's duaity and ability to calm, it's an excellent stone for Gemini.

White Topaz is a Crown Chakra stone that will assist in your spiritual development.   It helps you to connect to Source and find your soul's purpose.  White Topaz is an incredibly potent stone to use for manifestation of your dreams and desires. White Topaz increases mental clarity and promotes a more orderly approach to problem solving.  It has a high vibration and will help to boost the energy levels of anyone who is feeling low. In fact, it works directly with the meridians of the body to direct energy where it's needed. White Topaz is known to promote truth, openness and honesty as well as to promote forgiveness.  Known as a stone of good luck, White Topaz brings abundance, joy and good health. 

Yellow Apatite is the perfect stone for artists who wish to make their living from their creative endeavors.  Primarily a Solar Plexus Chakra stone, it’s a Sacral Chakra stone as well.  It promotes self confidence and increases personal power and gives off a happy, bright energy that helps one to maintain a positive outlook on life.  Also known as Golden Apatite, it not only enhances creativity it also assists us to take action towards manifesting creative endeavors.  It assists us in learning the business skills to bring our creative offerings to life and to make a living from our true passions.   Yellow Apatite is known as a good stone for learning in general and students are encouraged to carry them.  Yellow Apatite not only gives the courage to take risks, but also the insight to know which risks to take.  It’s a stone of manifestation, especially helpful in manifesting things with a humanitarian outlook.

Yellow Jade aids in the manifestation of wealth, happiness, good fortune, health and long life. Yellow Jade's energy is both stimulating and mellow and opens one to Universal Connectivity. A Solar Plexus stone, Yellow Jade helps with ailments of the digestive system of the body and promotes healthy kidneys and bladder. Yellow Jade helps bring emotional balance and stability.

Zircon is a high vibrational stone that works with the higher chakras to help bring spiritual energy down through the crown chakra and then into the other chakras. It then grounds the energy at the root chakra, which makes it a very grounding stone. It removes slow and blocked energy as it works its way down through the chakras. They are known as a stone of balance, and assist to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Zircon helps to manifest abundance and prosperity, including money.



Aside from intuition, most of my gemstone healing property knowledge has come from hours of research.  Here are my sources:


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