Blue Chalcedony and Rainbow Moonstone Crescent Moon Drop Earrings

$ 130.00

These one of a kind Crescent Moon Earrings feature gorgeous poki cut Blue Chalcedony gemstones bezel set into a moon with crescent moon cutout.  The crescent moon tops feature 4mm Rainbow Moonstones and the bottom pieces are hand stamped.  They suspend from sterling silver chain on stainless steel hooks.  The earrings with hooks are 2 7/8 inches long and the moon drop is 24mm in diameter.

Blue Chalcedony is a throat chakra stone, allowing one to fluidly and effectively speak their truth.  I improves memory and is especially helpful when learning new languages. It calms an over active mind, and is helpful in meditation.  Blue chalcedony brings a sense of lightheartedness to any situation, allowing one to assimilate to new ideas and move forward with a positive outlook.  Blue Chalcedony brings harmony to mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It helps one maintain calm during times of transformation. It stabilizes the emotions and provides a calming, soothing energy. A crown chakra stone, it heightens intuition and psychic abilities. Strongly connected to the moon, it's a very powerful stone for women in particular.


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