Black Star Sapphire 4mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring

$ 68.00

The Black Star Sapphire 4mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring is customizable in your size!  Each ring is made to order and features a hand cut Sapphire with a 6 point star that glows in the light.  The stone is bezel set and comes on a 14mm half round sterling silver band.  Please allow 1-4 weeks time for completion of order as each ring is hand made.  I strive to create my custom pieces in a timely manner in the order in which they are received.  I am happy to provide time estimates upon or before ordering.  Most of my pieces are completed within two weeks but there are times where they can take longer depending on my current work load.

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Black Star Sapphire is both protective and grounding and resonates with the root chakra. It heightens intuition and builds self confidence. It's the perfect stone for healers and empaths, as it allows them to do their work without taking on any of their patient's energies. It's especially effective to mediate with on a new moon, to help remove from your mind and life anything you wish not to carry forward in the next moon cycle.

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