Black Onyx Rosegold Mini Crescent Moon Studs

$ 34.00

The Black Onyx Rosegold Mini Crescent Moon Studs feature 3mm cabochons set in sterling silver.  The sterling silver posts are soldered to the back side of the stone in the middle.  They’re hand carved from 26 gauge rosegoldfilled sheet metal which makes them very light weight.  The studs are 9mm long by 4mm wide and have sterling silver ear nuts to keep them snugly in place.  These are a one of a kind pair of earrings. 

Black Onyx is a stone of good luck and happiness.  It resonates with the Root Chakra and is a very grounding and protective stone. Black Onyx takes in and transforms negative energy and helps protect one's personal energy from being drained. Black Onyx is a stone of wisdom and promotes smart decision-making.  Black Onyx can help with self discipline and overal personal strength.


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