Black Ethiopian Rainbow Opal First Layer Necklace

$ 52.00

The Black Ethiopian Rainbow Opal First Layer Necklace is made with gorgous faceted opals suspended on oxidized sterling silver chain.  The necklace is 15 inches long at its shortest length, and up to 17 inches long with the two inch long sterling silver extendor chain.  A tiny black seed pearl hangs daintily off the end of the extender.  The gorgous faceted Black Rainbow Opals on this neckalce come from Wegeltena, Wollo Province, Ethiopia.

Opal in genreal is a stone of Inspiration, it ignites our inner fire and stimulates creativity.  A Heart and Crown Chakra stone, opal inspires hope and love and well as heightens the Intuition.  Opals, due to their rainbow flashes of color, actually balance all the chakras, connecting the lower with the higher chakras.  Because they are so porous, they take in negative energy and transmute it to positive evergy, making Opal a wonderful stone to combat depression.  Opal assists in times of transformation and rebirth and helps to better handle all of life's changes.  Opal is particularly helpful with changes that are good for the wearer.  Opal is a symbol of innocence and purity.  Opal helps to increase memory as well as enhances self esteem and self worth.  Opal has a strong soothing energy.  Despite historical rumors that opals are bad luck, they are in fact, one of the best stones to promote good luck!  Due to their connection to water, Opals are linked to the Moon's energies and are a wonderful stone to soothe emotions, especially for water signs.

Black Opals possess the healing properties of Opal but are more inspired by the energy of Neptune, therefore inspiring deep inward reflection and forcing the individual to be honest with themselves.   Black Opal helps to enhance cosmic awareness and leads one into a higher spiritual experience.  They, too, align all the Chakras but work best with the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  Black Opals heighten the intution and are particularly protective and guard the wearer against the evil eye.  Black Opal provides a shield to the wearer to keep from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts and energies.  Black Opal helps the wearer to change the negative situation into positive one and transforms negative moods into positive ones. 

Model: Jane Almirall

Location: Oracle Fine Curiosities

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