Alaskan Gold Nugget Blue Spinel 14k Gold Infinity Necklace

$ 750.00

The Alaskan Gold Nugget Blue Spinel 14k Gold Infinity Necklace is the second piece of gold jewelry I have ever made.  The gold is recycled from our own scrap metal that Scott and I have collected over the year.  Our friend and master jeweler, Jordan Sabata, melted our scrap, poured it into ingets, rolled it and then stretched it into thin wire for us.  Check out Jordan's work on Instagram:

This heirloom piece is made with 27 gage 14 karat gold wire that I hand wrapped lovingly into chain.  The gold nugget is 2.57 grams of 24 karat gold and it's 1/2 inch in height and length.  It's extra special because it has a natural hole, perfect for a pendant.  I got the nugget from the miner himself who found it on a 3 month gold prospecting trip a few years back. The Blue Spinels gradiate from dark to light towards the clasp and closure.  The necklace is made with 9.6 karats of Blue Spinel and 2.47 total grams of 14 karat gold wire. The Gold Nugget Blue Spinel Necklace is 18.5 inches long with a spring clasp and closure.

Blue Spinel is both a Third Eye and a Crown Chakra Stone.  Spinel comes in every color but blue is the most rare.  Blue Spinel is a very powerful stone.  It increases psychic abilities and intuition as well as strengthens the ability to channel. Blue Spinel helps clear the aura, removes energy blocks and balances Chi.  It's a very calming and soothing stone, it helps  relieve anxiety, stress and depression.  Blue Spinel even helps with PTSD.  It's energy is very uplifting, positive and motivating.  Blue Spinel helps keep energy levels elevated and mentally rejuvenates the wearer.  It improves memory and heightens intellect. Blue Spinel enhances self motivation, helps one to create emotional boundaries and increases inner courage.  Blue Spinel encourages moderation in all things.

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