Velociraptor Eggshell Fossil Ring

$ 78.00

When I found these velociraptor egg shell pieces at a Gem and Mineral Show, I was so thrilled! I love fossils and dinosaurs and love making jewelry out of unusual artifacts. I hit the jackpot with this find! I asked the man I bought them from how he knows that they're specifically velociraptor egg shells. He said they can tell from the size, color, age, texture and location they were mined from what kind of dinosaur egg they are.

The eggs that have been found in tact are 6 inches long and 3 inches across. They were mined in China where velociraptors are known to have lived during the Cretaceous Period, 75 to 71 million years ago. The name velociraptor is derived from the Latin words velox, meaning 'swift' and raptor, meaning 'robber'. It's been suspected for years that these dinosaurs had feathers. In 2007, a velociraptor fossil was found in Mongolia which had quill knobs on the arms, which are indicative that they did, in fact, have feathers. Some paleontologists believe they were even capable of flight. velociraptors are a lot smaller than they were depicted in Hollywood movies. They stood approximately 1.6 feet high and 6.8 feet long, roughly the size of a turkey. They were as intelligent as an ostridge and hunted in packs for survival.

The Metaphysical Properties of dinosaur fossils inclue ancient knowledge and assist in recalling past lives. They promote a sense of survival, self love and family. Dinosaur fossils ease depression and promote wealth. They resonate with the Root chakra. Read this article for more information:

Please note that each dinosaur egg shell is slightly different in size, texture and coloration due to the fact that they are genuine fossil specimens. The eggshell is set in a sterling silver bezel with a texturized rosegoldfill band. The one pictured is not for sale because it's MINE but I will custom make yours in any size specified. Please message me the size and allow up to two weeks for delivery.

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