Thai Buddhist Altar Studs

$ 42.00

I found these tiny little Thai Buddhist amulets at the Tucson Gem Show this year.  I bought them from a booth that specializes in importing authentic Thai amulets and beads from the Amulet Market in Bancock.  The owner of the company told me that these little amulets are made by Thai artisans for their local market, not for export, so these are more authentic than replicas that you can find.  They are used in portable altars, put inside canisters with herbs and then blessed.  They were originally an antique brass color but when fired, the finish came off and the raw copper cane through.

The Thai Buddhist Altar Studs are tiny, 12mm tall by 6.5mm wide by 1mm thick.  They’re meant to be worn with the bottom half hanging off the ear lobe.  They can also be worn in the 2nd hole with a dangle earring in the first hole.  They have goldfill posts and ear nuts and have been reiki charged with love and light.  I kept a pair for myself because I love them so much.  I have 4 total pairs available.