Crinoid Fossil Stud Earrings

$ 36.00

I love fossils and sourced these crinoid fossils myself from Schramm Park, Nebraska. Nebraska was covered by an ancient sea bed during the Pennsylvanian period, 299 - 323 million years ago. The 29 foot tall geological area wall I dug these out of is composed of slate, limestone & sandstone. You can find brachiopad, fusuline, crinoids and shark tooth fossils within the layers of rock.

Crinoids are nicknamed, "Sea Lilies", as they looked more like plants than animals. They're actually marine invertebrate animals, from the same family as sand dollars, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. Crinoids are known for their tentacle-like appendages that opened up to capture particles of plankton and other prehistoric food. They're over 300 million old.

The round crinoid fossils in these earrings are from the "stalk" of the "Sea Lilly". They range from 4mm - 5mm in diameter. Expect variation in color from light beige to light grey. I've prong set them in sterling silver with sterling posts and earring nuts. Wear some bits of ancient history on your ears.

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