Saddle Mountain Arizona Druzy Quartz Ring

$ 130.00

I found this piece of Druzy Quartz while surface rock hounding around Saddle Mountain, Arizona.  My partner brought me to this location between Phoenix and Quartzsite on Highway 10.  You can see Saddle Mountain from the highway, it’s a popular collection sight for fire agates and chalcedony.  Although I hounded bags of finds, this was the only perfectly ready to go piece of Druzy Quartz Cut by the Mountain herself.  We rockhounded this area three times during February of 2020.

This one of a kind ring is a size 8.25. The Druzy is set in an Art Deco sterling bezel setting.  It has a split sterling band, which keeps the large stone in place and not spinning around the finger.  The stone in sterling silver setting is 32mm long by 23mm wide by 6mm thick.  The band is 4mm thick at its thickest and 2mm thick when split.  The back of the ring reads: “Saddle Mountain, AZ Gigi Moon 2020”.

Druzy Quartz is known to have a relaxing effect when worn.  All the tiny little crystals each vibrate independently, making druzy quartz a very high vibrational stone.  It's great to wear druzy when you are feeling stressed as it calms the mind and brings positive energy to the wearer.  It can also assist in mediation as it helps to calm both the body and mind.

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