Hessonite Garnet Necklace Root & Sacral Chakras

$ 33.00

A faceted marquise Hessonite Garnet briolette suspends from 16 inches of dainty yet sturdy cable chain. A lobster clasp and closure finish the necklace. Shown in antique brass, this necklace is also available in antique silver.

Hessonite Garnet is a Root and Sacral Chakra stone. It increases creativity, courage, self respect and confidence. It increases prosperity, good health and happiness. Hessonite is a wonderful stone to use in meditation. It increases intuition and helps with astral traveling. It also protects one while both physically traveling and astral traveling. Hessonite protects against evil spirits and enemies. It helps to release fears and release mental agony from negative thoughts. Hessonite helps to express emotions and make good decisions with confidence and quickness.

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